DNBBQ CD 2 (Nov 2007)
Moving Ninja - Tunnel (Garage Pressure Remix)

Tectonic 010
(Feb 2007)
Formations EP
Moving Ninja - Blackout, THX, Kemancheh & Uranium
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Tectonic 010  CD (
Nov 2006)
Definitive Dubstep showcase featuring the biggest artists in dubstep including Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Skream, Pinch, Distance, Vexd, DQ1, MRK1, Hijack, Headhunter, Cyrus, SNO, Armour, Omen and Moving Ninja Track 10 Unmixed CD Moving Ninja - Murky

Tectonic 002
(July 2005)
Australia's first Grime/Dubstep Record!!
Moving Ninja - Shell Code, Murky & Lost Tribe

Vertical Sound 004
(Oct 2004)
Moving Ninja - Witchdokta
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Forefront Volume 2 - Falcon Street Beats
All Aussie breakbeat compilation
Disc 2 Mixed by Farj & Paul Fraser (Garage Pressure)